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What does Floral Consulting Group (FCG) know about the floral industry? Like the old saying says, "actions speak louder than words"; here are a few words that tell of some pretty impressive actions:

  1. In just six years as a Floral Merchandising Manager for a chain of 225 floral shops, FCG Founder Tom Lavagetto spearheaded an increased annual sales volume from $4 million to over $26 million and increased gross profit from 10% to 45%!
  2. As Vice President and General Manager of a large East coast greenhouse and garden center operation, Tom lead an increase in annual greenhouse sales volume from $8 million to $16 million and increased annual garden center sales from $900K to over $1.6 million in just seven years!
  3. The largest association of Tom's peers, the Produce Marketing Association, honored Tom with their highest recognition award in 1995, "Floral Marketer of the Year".

Floral Consulting Group knows the floral industry. From growing to selling in all marketplaces, our 55+ years of knowledge and experience encompasses:

  • Growing
  • Importing
  • Distribution
  • Retailing
  • Mass Merchandising
  • Sales & Marketing

Our experience grows daily. FCG spends over 200 days each year traveling all over the United States and the World, working with our floral partners of all types and sizes, from the very small grower to huge industrial nurseries; from the small retailer to the big national supermarket chains. Our consultants work with some of the best and brightest in our industry, enriching our knowledge and experience. Bottom line:

FCG Will Help Your Floral Business Make More Money

The floral industry is unique. FCG understands that. Business consultants frequently misunderstand the challenges inherent to the floral industry and fail to recognize this industry's unique components. Yes there are many similarities to other businesses, but there are many more differences. Differences only industry knowledge and hands-on experience can help you navigate.

While you're here, visit Tom's Tips, a section offering the floral business owner many useful thoughts and ideas. The articles will also help familiarize you with FCG's breadth of experience, core beliefs, and business practices.

FCG would like to hear from you! Please fell free to contact us with your ideas or questions via email or call us at 509.536.7957.